Pottery Painting

Pottery Parties

Pottery parties can be held anywhere - your home, your workplace, your school, your garden - as long as we have access to a sink, tables and chairs.


We delight in doing all of the hard work; bringing the pottery that you have pre-selected, setting up the painting table/s with our special non-toxic paint, brushes, water pots and painting tools, staying to help with the painting and cleaning up afterwards - all you have to do is relax and enjoy! We find that painting tends to last from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the age of the painters and the pottery being painted. 

After painting we take away all of the pottery to glaze and fire in our kiln before delivering back to you (no more than two weeks later) wrapped, labelled and ready to be handed back to your party guests by you.

The prices are simple; you pay for what you paint; no extra party fee! We ask for a minimum spend of £100 for parties, and our prices start at £10 per piece. Please contact us to ask to see our price list. A £50 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. 

From November 2021 I am on maternity leave
so will not be taking bookings.  

After 6 years of teaching we have a lot of experience working with children, which comes in handy when putting hand and footprints onto pottery! Using our special non-toxic paint we pop the print onto the pottery and can add names, dates, etc, to create that unique gift or keepsake. We can come to your chosen location and will deliver the pottery back to you. 

Our DIY Pottery Painting Kits contain everything needed to run your own pottery painting party. If we are booked for another event, if you want to be flexible with your times or want to spend hours on a masterpiece, then the kit is perfect for you. We deliver the kit to you and collect it again after 48 hours. We glaze and fire your pottery before delivering it back to you. 

£50 minimum spend. 

Hand and Footprints

DIY Kits


"I just wanted to say thank you once again for your service and great work and dedication! 

The mugs are wonderful and I got lots of positive feedback! Also, the children are very proud, and the mugs ended up being given as presents for their mummies."